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2017 Case of the Year Award

The Case of the Year Award acknowledges the positive impact that a single case can have on correcting injustices, advancing fairness under the law, changing attitudes or providing economic incentives to protect public safety.




The award could be given for either an appellate or trial result or for an important settlement, which was resolved at some level in 2017.  Success is NOT necessarily a requirement. THE AMOUNT OF AN AWARD OR SETTLEMENT IS IRRELEVANT. The award recognizes any combination of the following:

· the case is unique
· the lawyer(s) and client(s) faced a significant challenge or overwhelming odds;
· it resulted in a positive change in the law;
· it helped increase awareness of a societal injustice;
· it created a change in public safety;
· it has broad public impact;
· it righted a particularly grievous wrong;
· it exemplifies the ideals of CTLA;
· the lawyers(s) represented the under-represented;
· the attorney(s) on the case do not need to be CTLA members.

EMAIL your nomination(s) in a WORD DOCUMENT to You may nominate yourself or someone from your firm containing the following information:

1.  Name of case.
2.  Name(s) of attorney(s) whose should appear on the award if the case wins (please verify that you have all attorneys listed and their contact information).
3.  Summary of facts and issues adjudicated.
4.  How the case exemplifies the award criteria, in other words, why the nominated case should win (and remember that the amount of the award is generally irrelevant).

Do NOT send audio or video presentations.