Protecting consumer rights and increasing public safety.

CTLA’s Annual Awards
Kenneth Norman Kripke Lifetime Achievement Award
In 1953, Kenneth Norman (Norm) Kripke and a few other attorneys founded the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association. With political foresight they created an organization that continues today to support attorneys in their practice, provides a means to improve the tort system and protects consumers’ rights. Norm was an outstanding attorney; known and admired for his integrity and principles, and respected for his unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of his clients' interests. He created, composed and published every edition of Trial Talk® for 20 years and stayed active in CTLA until he left Colorado in 1995. Norm passed away in 2002 but his legacy lives on today.  His wife, Derril, continues to preserve this legacy.  It is in his honor that the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association Lifetime Achievement Award is named.
Previous Award Winners
Lawrence J. Schoenwald, 2010
Murray Ogborn, 2009
W. Randolph Barnhart, 2008
Robert A. Schuetze, 2007
James Leventhal, 2006
Victoria C. Swanson, 2005
John Gehlhausen, 2004
Neil Hillyard, 2003
William L. Keating, 2002
Daniel S. Hoffman, 2001
Hon. Jim R. Carrigan, 2000
Gerald P. McDermott, 1999
James Buchanan, 1998
Bennett S. Aisenberg, 1997
William Trine, 1996
Legislator of the Year
Awarded to legislators who have distinguished themselves in the pursuit of a legislative agenda protecting the civil justice system and the rights, health and safety of Colorado consumers.
Previous Award Winners
Senator Pat Steadman, Representatives Andy Kerr and Mark Waller, 2010
Senator Bob Bacon and Representative Claire Levy, 2009
Senator Brandon Shaffer & Representative Morgan Carroll, 2008
Senator Ron Tupa & Representative Alice Madden, 2007
Senator Lois Tochtrop & Representative Mike Cerbo, 2006
Senator Joan Fitz-Gerald & Representative Terrance Carroll, 2005
Senator Dan Grossman & Representatives Mark Cloer and Joe Stengel, 2004
Senator Sue Windels & Representative Jennifer Veiga, 2003
Senator William Thiebaut, Jr. & Representative Nolbert Chavez, 2002
Senators Ken Gordon & Stanley Matsunaka, 2001
Senators Dorothy Rupert, Dave Wattenberg & Dottie Wham, 2000
Senator Michael Feeley & Representative Gloria Leyba, 1999
Senators Bob Martinez & Gloria Tanner & Representative Mark Paschall, 1998
New Trial Lawyer of the Year Award
Awarded to an attorney who has been in practice for fewer than 10 years and has demonstrated the skills, ethics and dedication stated in the CTLA mission.
Previous Award Winners
Michael Keating, 2010
Deborah Taussig, 2009
Mari Newman, 2008
M. Robin Repass, 2005
Daniel Slater, 2004
Darin L. Schanker, 2003
Gregory A. Gold, 2002
J. Kyle Bachus, 2001
Michael Ogborn, 2000
Doug Logsdon, 1999
Jennifer Donaldson, 1998
Kevin Hannon, 1996
Consumer Protection Award
CTLA acknowledges an individual, group or organization, which has proposed legislation, fought a legal battle or stood up for consumer rights in an extraordinary fashion.
Past Recipients:
Lauren Lollini, 2010
Senator Ken Gordon, 2009
Brandeberry-Mckenna Public Affairs, 2007
U.S. Representative Mark Udall, 2006
Michael J. Skolnik (posthumously), 2005
U.S. Representative Diana DeGette, 2004
Honorable Ken Salazar, 2003
Patricia Calhoun, 2002
Tom Mauser, 2001
Tom Martino, 2000
Jonathan Asher, 1999
Jay and China Leonard, 1998
Michael Romano, 1997
Senator Joan Johnson, 1996
Sheryl Pehr, 1996

Access to Justice Award
CTLA members regularly overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges when fighting for the right to access the judicial system.  This award honors the perseverance, courage and character shown over and over again in cases of extraordinary circumstances.
Previous Award Winners
Law Offices of John Robert Holland and Killmer, Lane & Newman, LLP, 2010

Case of the Year Award
The Case of the Year Award acknowledges the positive impact that a single case can have on correcting injustices, advancing fairness under the law, changing attitudes or providing economic incentives to protect public safety. 
Previous Award Winners
Mari Newman, Rebecca T. Wallace, Althea S. Licht & Darold W. Killmer
Amanda Hall  v. Colorado Department of Corrections, et al

Glen Gordon
Thompson et al  v. Colorado Department of Revenue

Craig Ewing
Tappert v. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Timothy P. Fox & Amy F. Robertson
Lucas v. Kmart Corporation
G. Stephen Long & Gerald Swatzky
Bass v. Richards
Lorraine E. Parker
Weil v. Dillon
John Haas & Susan M. Hargleroad
Thi Ho v. Le Cuong Kim, et al.
Martin H. Freeman
Cooper v. Aspen
Natalie Brown, Jean Dubofsky, Beth Krulewitch & Anthony Viorst
DuPont v. Preston
James R. Christoph
Rice v. Home Depot
Kevin S. Hannon
NWIS v. Public Service