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June 3, 2020: Statement on Solidarity with the Sam Cary Bar Association

Imagine reaching over 1,300 Colorado attorneys with messaging about your company's products or services? As the state's largest specialty bar association, CTLA has a variety of advertising, exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities to reach its' members.  This includes Convention, the association's seminars, Spring Dinner, CTLA's legal journal Trial Talk and website.  Be sure to joins its Business Partners for Justice Program today!

Contact John Grant at (866) 451-2018 or for assistance.

Upcoming CLE and Events

2020 VIRTUAL Convention

August 6 to August 7

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Spring Dinner

The Ritz-Carlton Denver

To Be Rescheduled for the Fall

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CTLA Member Demographics*
Firm Size of Members
Approximately 25 percent are solo practitioners.
Approximately 40 percent work in a firm with two to five attorneys.
Approximately 30 percent work in a firm of six to 10 attorneys.
Approximately 5 percent work in a firm of 10 or more attorneys.

Location of Member Firms
65 percent of CTLA members work within the Denver metro area.

Years in Practice
0-2 years - 15 percent of membership
3-5 years - 10 percent of membership
6-9 years - 10 percent of membership
10 years or more - 65 percent of membership

Female - 25 percent of membership
Male - 75 percent of membership
*Based on membership data from January 2016.