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Injury Reporting Consultants
Dr. Brad Poppie
11160 Huron St, Ste 101
Northglenn, CO 80234
Tel: (866) 445-8880
IRC is designed to project the life-long health care needs on an objective basis for economic loss valuation regarding individuals who have been catastrophically or non-catastrophically injured.  Our reports are created by an expert transdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who carefully evaluate the needs of each individual client to help optimize their quality of life and minimize future complications arising from their injury.

Vocational Diagnostics, Inc.
Aubrey Corwin
1495 Canyon Blvd, Ste 16
Boulder, CO 80302
Tel: (720) 204-6664
Fax: (720) 204-6664
VDI experts have over 35 years experience providing testimony in cases requiring Earning Capacity Evaluation and Life Care Plans. We can determine lost wages and diminished earning capacity for children and adults of all ages.  Our company has multiple locations throughout the United States.

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