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Truck & Bus Accidents


Elite Medical Experts
Burton Bentley II, MD, FAAEM, CEO
6440 North Swan Rd, Ste 100
Tucson, AZ  85718
Tel: (877) 755-9120
Fax: (888) 315-5705
Elite Medical Experts is a physician-led firm that aligns board-certified, full-time practicing university physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare providers as experts in personal injury and medical negligence litigation.  Each hand-selected candidate has spotless credentials and is backed by our Zero-Risk guarantee.   Approve the expert or we'll refund the fee.

Kineticorp Forensic Engineering and Visualization
Justin Holderness
6070 Greenwood Plaza Blvd, Ste 200
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Tel: (303) 733-1888
Fax: (303) 733-1902
Kineticorp has a team of Accident Reconstruction Experts with extensive testimony experience.  Our Engineers gather, analyze, and interpret physical evidence to determine how an accident happened.  We use state-of-the-art analytical techniques to quantify an accident’s severity and to determine how fast vehicles were traveling at key points during an accident.  Our engineers are regularly involved in analyzing accident outcomes at the component level giving us the expertise to interact with other experts in areas such as vehicle design, fire cause and origin, or biomechanics. To learn more about Kineticorp’s animation and visualization capabilities and experience, visit Kineticorp’s website.

Knott Laboratory, LLC

Betsy Wills
7185 S Tucson Way
Centennial, CO 80112
Tel: (303) 925-1900
Fax: (303) 925-1901
Knott Laboratory is a full service forensic engineering and animation firm.  We specialize in the areas of mechanical, civil & structural engineering; vehicle accident reconstruction; fire & explosion; and computer animations & graphics.  Our team is comprised of credible experts with extensive courtroom experience.  Visit us at or call us at 303-925-1900.

Robson Forensic, Inc.

Matt Kemp
100 Fillmore St, Ste 500
Denver, CO 80206
Tel: (303) 388-0372
Fax: (303) 374-2444
Robson Forensic is an integrated team of forensic engineers, architects, scientists and fire investigators. We are a national expert witness firm with 18 offices and 180 experts who provide high quality investigations, reports and testimony to assist in the resolution of disputes and litigation. Our Denver office provides local experts and services.

Jimmy J. Sill – Trucking Subject Matter Expert

Jimmy Sill
1013 Red Bud Ave
Diboll, TX 75941

400 E Speer
Sapulpa, OK 74066

Email: or
Website: or
I have twenty years within the ground transportation sector, with all facets of the industry, from small to large motor carriers.  I am qualified expert in USDOT Title 49 CFR-Parts 40; 107; 171; 172; 173; 177; 178; 180; 350; 355; 380; 381; 382; 383; 384; 385; 390; 391; 392; 393; 395; 396; 397 & 399.

Western Engineering & Research Corporation
Ginger Turner
12421 E 37th Ave
Denver, CO 80239
Ph: (303) 757-4000
Fax: (303) 757-4222
WERC provides forensic investigation services in the areas of Structural, Mechanical and Electrical engineering, Architecture and Fire Investigation throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain west. Our team of Professionals are standing by to assist you with your next case. Call us today!

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