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A.   Guidelines

  1. All advertisements in Trial Talk® are subject to the review and approval of the Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor and the Issue Editor(s), hereafter referred to as the Advertisement Committee.
  2. CTLA reserves the right to not publish any advertisement that does not meet the approval of the Advertisement Committee.
  3. In keeping with the CTLA Mission Statement, all advertisements must meet high ethical standards and project professionalism as an ongoing effort to preserve and improve the American system of jurisprudence.
  4. Trial Talk® has a reputation of providing attorneys and judges high quality articles and information on legal issues and practices in Colorado.  All advertisements shall be consistent with this reputation.
  5. Each advertisement shall be reviewed for compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct, including but not limited to Rules 5.5, 7.2, and 7.4.
  6. All advertisements shall communicate the advertiser’s message in a respectful manner with an emphasis on informing the reader of the services and/or products, taking into account Trial Talk’s audience and professional standing in the Colorado legal community.

B.    Procedures

  1. The Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor shall review all advertisements prior to authorizing the publication of a Trial Talk issue.
  2. Any concern that an advertisement does not meet CTLA’s guidelines on advertisements shall be immediately made known to and reviewed by the Advertisment Committee.
  3. The Advertisement Committee shall reach a consensus on whether to contact the advertiser to address any concerns about the advertisement.
  4. A member of the Committee shall contact the advertiser and inform it of the specific concerns about the advertisement and attempt to reach an agreement to modify the advertisement so that it meets the guidelines.
  5. If an agreement to modify the advertisement is made, then the advertisement as modified shall be published.   If no agreement to modify the advertisement can be made, then the advertisement shall not be published.