Protecting consumer rights and increasing public safety.

Strengthen the CTLA community, refer a new member and become a Guardian of Justice.

The Guardian of Justice program recognizes active CTLA members who play key roles in referring and recruiting colleagues and associates to join the association.

Guardian of Justice Members Receive:
  · Name Recognition in Trial Talk;
  · e-Recognition for Monthly Recruiters;
  · Guardian Pins at the Silver Level; and
  · Special Recognition for Top Recruiters at the Annual Convention

GuarDians of Justice As of  8/1/15
Platinum (10+ Members)
Natalie Brown
Siddhartha Rathod

Gold (6-10 Members)
J. Kyle Bachus
David McDivitt
Mari Newman
>Ross Pulkrabek

Silver (3-5 Members)
Courtney Clark
Marc Harden
Michael Mihm
Thomas Neville
Michael Sawaya
Reeves Whalen
Kurt Zaner

Bronze (1-2 Members)
Erika Alverson
Bill Babich
Clifford Beem
Marco Bendinelli
Jerry Bowman
Loren Brown
Dale Casares
Michael Clawson
James Croshal
Joel Feldman
Howard Flicker
Virginia Frazer-Abel
John Fuller
Dan Gerash
Christopher Gilbert
Marlo Greer
Mac Hester
Neil Hillyard
Richard Hood
Jason Jordan
Daniel Kay
Rich Kaudy
Jeffrey Kerrane
Julie Kreutzer
Ben Lebsack
Larry Lee
Jordan Levine
Patric LeHouillier
William Marlin
Anna Martinez
Patricia Meester
Brent Moss
Karen O’Connor
Deirdre Ostrowski
Danielle Rattray
Charles Reams
Lori Siler Restaino
Adrian Sak
Kenneth Shakeshaft
Kirpal Singh
Jerry Sloat
Bill Trine
Brian Weiss
Steve Wahlberg
David Woodruff
Carol Zeisler
Howard Zucker


CTLA calculates the recruiting value based on the total number of members recruited by a current CTLA member starting September 1, 2013.

Contact Parisa Zohoori at 303-922-1156 or for recruiting questions

and new member applications.