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Cherry Creek Neurology
Michael Ament, M.D.
255 Detroit St
Denver, CO 80206

Michael Ament M.D. is a concussion and head/neck pain neurology specialist.  Cherry Creek Neurology is familiar with the personal injury claims process.  We put patients first, and provide the type of documentation of the patient’s medical condition, history and progress that enables you as an attorney to do your job successfully.


Elite Medical Experts
Burton Bentley II, MD, FAAEM, CEO

6440 North Swan Rd, Ste 100

Tucson, AZ  85718

Tel: (866) 218-4928

Fax: (520) 317-7157



Elite Medical Experts is a physician-led firm that aligns board-certified, full-time practicing university physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare providers as experts in personal injury and medical negligence litigation.  Each hand-selected candidate has impeccable credentials backed by a Zero-Risk guarantee:  Approve the expert or we'll refund the fee.

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