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Colorado's leading medical malpractice insurance company (COPIC) reported that increases in litigation costs amounted to less than two-tenths of one percent of the cost for health insurance premiums, according to a Pricewaterhouse Coopers study of 2002.  They say that placing the blame for higher health insurance costs just on their premium increases is "completely wrong ".

The real drivers of higher health costs are higher cost drugs and higher charges by medical providers for their services.

See COPIC's full comments on page 192 of the Colorado Medical Society newsletter: September 2002 

See the Pricewaterhouse study, click here.

Access to Quality Health Care

The General Accounting Office reported that claims medical medical care providers limited their practices because of higher malpractice costs were, in many cases, "not substantiated or did not affect access to health care on a widespread basis."

Study after study has shown, using official US Bureau of the Census data, that claims doctors are leaving the practice of medicine or moving to another state because of premiums for liability coverage are simply untrue.

See the full GAO study, click here.