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Lawsuits Clogging the Courts are Businesses Suing Businesses

When it comes to so-called "frivolous lawsuits," the truth is that the lawsuits "clogging" the courts are businesses suing businesses, not legitimate cases filed by individuals injured through no fault of their own by the negligence or willfulness of others.

When it comes to "economic impact," the truth is that those who create the costs of the legal system are those who cause the injuries, not the people who are injured through no fault of their own or the lawyers who represent them.

Taking away the legal rights of American families has never improved health care or prevented medical malpractice. It has never made American products or working conditions safer or held corrupt corporations accountable. It has never educated a child or taught her the value and personal responsibility of citizenship. It has never created a new job or saved one from being shipped overseas. And it has never helped us combat terrorism and make America safer.