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Forensic Accountant

Jack W. Harris, Inc.
Jack Harris
4610 S Ulster St, Ste 150
Denver, CO 80237
Tel: (303) 324-5812

Areas Of Expertise – Business Interruption, Business Valuation, Commercial Litigation Damages, Construction Cost Audits, Construction Defect Damages, Fraud Investigations, Insurance Claims Analysis, Lost Profits Analysis, Surety Claims Analysis


Jack W. Harris is an expert with 36 years professional experience in the areas of business damages, lost profits analyses, business valuation, business interruption, insurance claims analysis, surety claims analysis, construction damages, construction cost audits, accounting, internal auditing, and fraud investigations. Mr. Harris has worked on numerous domestic and international projects. Mr. Harris is admitted as a Neutral with the American Arbitration Association for construction matters and accounting.

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