Protecting consumer rights and increasing public safety.

The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA) joins the Casey Feldman Foundation and to inspire individuals to end distracted driving. CTLA members help make our communities safer by providing End Distracted Driving campaign presentations at Colorado schools, community groups, civic organizations and other gatherings.


These educational and inspiring talks present the sobering statistics of our current safety crisis. They share true stories of the costs of distracted driving and offer simple steps that drivers can use immediately to help themselves and others end distracted driving. and the Casey Feldman Foundation were established in memory of Casey A. Feldman who was just 21-years-old when a distracted driver struck her while reaching across the center console for a drink.  Joel Feldman, Casey’s father and a trial attorney, leads this effort nationally and CTLA plans to help him succeed in saving lives.

If you are interested in participating in the End Distracted Driving Campaign or want to schedule an End Distracted Driving presentation, contact Nick at or call (303) 831-1192.