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National Brain Injury Institute
Katherine Dillard
6161 Savoy Dr, Ste 550
Houston, TX 77036
Tel: : (713) 471-4940
Life Care Plans provide a comprehensive evaluation of the past, present and future financial impact of a patient’s injury and/or injuries. NBII exclusively hires medical professionals with a masters level education or higher. Our Life Care Plans contain an unmatched level of detail, organization, and research while still relaying a concise understanding to the reader. NBII’s Life Care Plans estimate the financial impact of catastrophic injuries including but not limited to: - Medical Expenses - Physical Rehabilitation - Loss of Income - Architectural/Home Renovations - Psychological Care - Comprehensive Neurological Evaluations. Please contact our Life Care Plan Account Manager, Katherine Dillard, for more information. Direct Line: 713-471-4940, Email:


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