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CTLA is an aggressive and dynamic organization designed to represent, educate and support its members and their clients.  CTLA helps trial attorneys accelerate achievement, employ high-advantage legal strategies, discover hidden opportunities and create winning tactics.  The association also provides access to a comprehensive, members only, source of litigation-related services.

Membership with CTLA is both professionally and personally enriching.  As the largest specialty bar association in Colorado, CTLA provides members a host of benefits in addition to CLE seminars, networking and professional development opportunities.


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Special Perks Program
CTLA has partnered with a variety of businesses to provide members with special savings opportunities. Do not miss this chance to take advantage of these discounts.  Find out more.



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“CTLA is an organization that connects like-minded attorneys. By becoming a member, we can ensure that CTLA’s commitment to protecting the rights of all Coloradans continues.”
- CTLA Member since 2010