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Trial Talk® is a legal journal.  It features articles and commentary on current legal topics and innovative trial techniques along with updates on CTLA’s legislative and amicus activities.  This means that subscribers and members thoroughly read every issue, save it and reference it for future use. 


CTLA publishes Trial Talk® six times a year and mails it to over 1,635 subscribers.  This includes CTLA members in addition to Colorado judges, attorneys from across the country, other state trial lawyers' associations and several law schools.  CTLA also provides Trial Talk® online for members with links to advertisers’ websites.



Contact John Grant at (866) 451-2018 or for assistance.


CTLA requires electronic files for Trial Talk®.  Advertisers are responsible for providing new advertising copy or changes to existing copy by the fifteenth of the month prior to publication (e.g., November 15 for the December/January issue).  CTLA will not proof ad copy.  Check ads carefully. 


CTLA and Trial Talk® reserve the right to reject any advertisement.  The appearance of an ad in any publication of CTLA does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation.  All advertisements shall communicate the advertiser’s message in a respectful manner with an emphasis on informing the reader of services and/or products, taking into account Trial Talk’s audience and professional standing in the Colorado legal community.




-   Send ads to Greta Hanson Maurer at (970) 532-2961 or


-   Ad must be in a PC format, saved as a high-resolution .pdf file with fonts imbedded.


-   If you need assistance with ad design, production or revision, or if you must send a disc by mail, contact Greta Hanson Maurer at (970) 532-2961 or  She will produce ads for an additional fee. CTLA charges for the advertiser alterations by the hour and applies the designer’s ad production charges. Advertisers will receive a proof of ads produced by Greta Hanson Maurer for proof-reading. CTLA will not place an ad without the advertiser’s approval.  Greta Hanson Maurer and CTLA will not be responsible for errors in any advertising that the advertiser proof-read and approved.


Specifications for Trial Talk®

Rates are per issue.  Color is available for full page, 2/3 page and horizontal 1/2 page ads only.  CTLA requires a deposit for first time advertisers, which will cover the last issue.  Rates for multiple issues apply to consecutive issues.

 Ad Type

Width x Height


7.5” x 10”

Full Page

7.5” x 10”

2/3 Page

4.75” x 9.25”
or 7.5” x 6.5”


7.5” x 4.75”


4.75” x 7”

1/3 Page

4.75” x 4.75”

Business Card

3.5” x 2”