Protecting consumer rights and increasing public safety.

Election Results and Appointments

CTLA would like to thank all members who ran for an officer or board position.  Your willingness to share your time and talent is greatly appreciated.  Because of members like you, CTLA can continue its mission to protect the rights of individuals.  Thank you once again for all you do to make CTLA such a strong organization.

2011-2012 Officers  

Listen to CTLA President Carrie Frank discuss the upcoming year during the Membership Lunch at Convention.

Carrie R. Frank


James M. Croshal

Vice President 
Michael J. Ogborn

Michael T. Mihm

Ross W. Pulkrabek

Immediate Past President
Peter G. Koclanes

Board Members
The following board members were elected or appointed to serve on the CTLA Board of Directors for a two-year term expiring in 2013.

William Babich*
Nelson Boyle*
Michael Chaloupka
Patrick DiBenedetto
Scott Eldredge
Greg Gold*
Alan Higbie
David Klibaner*
Paul Komyatte
Larry Lee*
Jim Leventhal*
Sommer Luther*
Tom McFarland*
Thomas Neville
Mike Rosenberg*
Saul Sarney
Mickey Smith*
Julia Thompson*
Adrienne Tranel**
Steve Wahlberg*
Joe Zonies

*A Re-elected 2010-2011 Board Member    **Appointed to Serve a One-year Term.

Executive Committee Members 
Excluding officers and CTLA staff, the following executive committee members were appointed to serve by the president.

Carrie R. Frank, President
James M. Croshal, President-Elect

Michael J. Ogborn, Vice President
Michael T. Mihm, Secretary
Ross W. Pulkrabek, Treasurer
Peter G. Koclanes, Immediate Past President

Natalie Brown
Mari Bush
Frank Cristiano
Sonny Flowers
Mike Keating
David McDivitt
George McLaughlin
Michael Rosenberg
Darin Schanker

Holly Bennett, non-voting member
John Sadwith, non-voting member